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35 Things Military Spouses NEVER Say

Erin Whitehead
tagged: humor, military life, spouse 101
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Oh there are a ton of these lists circulating around the internet, we know.  And we are pretty fond of a good Top Ten list here at Military Spouse.  But get a few seasoned spouses who are able to laugh at all the crazy, wonderful things we sometimes encounter in this lifestyle together, and, well… we can top a Top Ten any day of the week!  So, without further ado, we introduce to you a list that will have you laughing in more cute acronyms you can think of.  Enjoy, and then share… and perhaps add a few of your own…

35 Things Military Spouses NEVER Say!

35) Here is my social security number.

34) You broke my grandmothers china? That’s ok I wanted to get rid of it anyway.

33) Having a baby alone is an awesome adventure.

32) Of course your mother can have the first kiss!

31) Your deployment was extended by three months?  That’s great news!

30) We are moving and I can’t graduate?  I didn’t want these credits to count anyway.

29) So glad the pharmacy is packed, I wanted to read the Hunger Games trilogy today.

28) I love going to the commissary on pay day.

27) I feel bad, because we get paid so much!

26) I’ve gotten a PhD, started my own business, birthed 2 kids alone, survived 10 deployments, made 12 PCS moves and can overhaul the engines on both cars… I love being called a “dependant”!


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