• A


  • AA

    Airman Apprentice

  • AAA

    Awaiting Aircraft Availability


    Army Air Force Exchange Service; also called BX

  • AB

    Air Base (overseas)

  • ABN


  • ABU

    Airman Battle Uniform

  • ACAP

    Army Career and Alumni Program

  • ACC

    Air Combat Command

  • ACE

    Schools award military students credit toward a degree based on training and occupational specialty.

  • ACS

    Army Community Service

  • ACSC

    Air Command and Staff College

  • ACU

    Army Combat Uniform

  • AD

    Active Duty (the military member)

  • ADA

    Air Defense Artillery

  • ADAR

    Air Defense Artillery Regiment

  • ADSC

    Active Duty Service Commitment

  • AEF

    Aerospace Expeditionary Force

  • AER

    Army Emergency Relief

  • AETC

    Air Education Training Command

  • AFAF

    Air Force Assistance Fund (charity fund raising for AFAS)

  • AFAR

    Airborne Field Artillery Regiment

  • AFAS

    Air Force Aid Society

  • AFB

    Air Force Base

  • AFI

    Air Force Instruction (regulations)

  • AFIT

    Air Force Institute of Technology

  • AFLC

    Air Force Logistics Command

  • AFMC

    Air Force Materiel Command


    Air Force Officer Qualifying Test


    Air Force Pamphlet

  • AFRC

    Air Force Reserve Command

  • AFSC

    Air Force Specialty Code


    Air Force Special Operations Command

  • AFTB

    Army Family Team Building

  • AFVC

    Armed Forces Vacation Club

  • AGR

    Active Guard or Reserve

  • AIR

    Airborne Infantry Regiment

  • AIT

    Advanced Individual Training

  • AKO

    Army Knowledge Online

  • ALS

    Airman’s Leadership School

  • AMC

    Air Mobility Command

  • AMD

    Air Missile Defense

  • AMN



    Advanced Non Commissioned Officers’ Course

  • ANG

    Air National Guard

  • AOIC

    Assistant Officer in Charge

  • APFT

    Army Physical Fitness Test

  • APO

    Air Post Office

  • ARC

    American Red Cross

  • ARNG

    Army National Guard

  • ASAP

    Army Substance Abuse Program

  • ASAP

    As Soon As Possible

  • ASCC

    Army Strong Community Center

  • ASEP

    Army Spouse Employment Partnership

  • ASTS

    Aeromedical Staging Squadron


    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  • AT

    Annual Tour

  • ATC

    Annual Training Conference

  • AWC

    Air Warfare Center

  • AWOL

    Absent Without Leave

  • B


  • BAH

    Basic Allowance for Housing

  • BAQ

    Basic Allowance for Quarters

  • BAS

    Basic Allowance for Subsistence

  • BASD

    Active Service Date, this is the date the Armed Forces recognizes as your spouses start date of Active Duty

  • BCG

    Basic Combat Glasses (Birth control glasses)

  • BCT

    Brigade Combat Team

  • BCT

    Basic Combat Training (Army)

  • BDE


  • BDUs

    Battle Dress Uniform; also called cammies (camouflage)

  • BEQ

    Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

  • Blackshoe

    Non-aviation rate enlisted personnel

  • BLT


  • BMOC

    Big Man on Campus (the General)

  • BMT

    Basic Military Training

  • BN



    Basic NCO Course

  • BOQ

    Bachelor Officer Quarters

  • BPED

    Basic Pay Entry Date

  • BRAC

    Base Realignment and Closure

  • Brownshoe

    Aviation rate enlisted personnel

  • BSTB

    Brigade Special Troops Battalion

  • BTM

    Boarding Team Member Coast Guard- Able to get on civilian boats and check for illegal activity and safety regulations.

  • BX/PX

    Base Exchange (AF); Post Exchange (Army)

  • C


  • CBRN

    Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear

  • CC


  • CCAF

    Community College of the Air Force

  • CCC

    Command Career Counselor

  • CCF

    First Sergeant


    Command Chief Master Sergeant, formerly known as the Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA)

  • CCT

    Combat Controller Team

  • CDC

    Career Development Course

  • CDC

    Child Development Center

  • CDC

    Child Development Center – which is the daycare on base

  • CE

    Civil Engineer

  • CF

    Child free

  • CFC

    Combined Federal Campaign (charity fund raising for multiple charities)

  • CGO

    Company Grade Officer (O1-O3 officers – second lieutenant, first lieutenant, and captain)

  • CGSC

    Command and General Staff College

  • CHOP

    Navy Supply Corps Officer

  • Chow


  • CINC


  • CIWS

    Close in Weapons System

  • CLEP

    College Level Examination Program

  • CMC

    Command Master Chief


    Command Master Chief (US Navy)

  • CMOW

    Crew Member of the Watch

  • CO

    Commanding Officer

  • COB

    Chief of Boat (Used on Subs in place of CMC)

  • COB

    Contingency Operating Base

  • COB

    Close of Business

  • COB

    Chief Of the Boat- A chief, usually a Senior or Master Chief that overseas the morale and well being of the enlisted personal on a submarine.

  • COC

    Chain Of Command

  • COLA

    Cost of Living Allowance


    Continental United States (the contiguous 48 states)

  • CPO

    Civilian Personnel Office

  • CPO

    Chief Petty Officer

  • CQ

    Charge of Quarters

  • CS

    Communications Squadron

  • CSS

    Commander’s Support Staff

  • D


  • DAF

    Department of the Air Force


    Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data

  • DCU

    Desert Combat Uniform

  • DD

    Dear Daughter

  • DeCA

    Defense Commissary Agency

  • DECA

    Defense Commissary Agency

  • Deck



    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System


    Date Estimated Return from Overseas

  • DFAC

    Dining Facilities Administration Center (i.e., mess hall or cafeteria)

  • DFAS

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service

  • DH

    Dear Husband

  • DIEM

    of Initial Entry into Military, the very first day your spouse was actually sworn into the Armed Forces

  • DITY

    Do-It-Yourself Move

  • Divo

    Division Officer

  • DLA

    Dislocation Allowance

  • DNIF

    Duty Not Involving/Including Flying

  • DOB

    Date of Birth

  • DOD

    Department of Defense


    Day of No Scheduled Activities

  • DOR

    Date of Rank

  • DOS

    Date of Separation

  • DPP

    Deferred Payment Plan

  • DS

    Dependent Spouse

  • DS

    Dear Son

  • DSN

    Defense Switched Network (worldwide telephone system)

  • DTS

    Defense Travel System

  • DV

    Disabled Veteran

  • DVR


  • DWAS

    Defense Working Capital Accounting System

  • DX

    Direct Exchange

  • E


  • EAF

    Expeditionary Aerospace Force

  • EAOS

    End of Active Obligated Service

  • EFMP

    Exceptional Family Member Program

  • EOD

    Explosive Ordinance Disposal

  • EPR

    Enlisted Performance Report


    Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing

  • ERB

    Enlisted Records Brief, the record the Armed Forces maintains that shows everything your spouse has done, i.e. deployments, schools, rank, marital status etc.

  • ERD

    Early Return of Dependents

  • ESC

    Enlisted Spouses Club

  • ESGR

    Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

  • ESWS

    Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

  • ETS

    Expiration of Term of Service

  • EWC

    Enlisted Wives Club (title being phased out in favor of ESC)

  • EXW

    Expeditionary Warfare

  • F


  • FFSC

    Fleet and Family Service Center

  • FGN

    Family Game Night

  • FGO

    Field Grade Officer (O-4 through O-6 officers)

  • FGT

    Family Get Together

  • File 13

    Trash can

  • FLT


  • FM

    Family Member

  • FMF

    Fleet Marine Force

  • FNG

    Freakin’ New Guy

  • FNO

    Family Night Out

  • FOB

    Forward Operating Base

  • FOD

    Foreign Object Debris or Foreign Object Damage

  • FRG

    Family Readiness Group

  • FRO

    Family Readiness Officer

  • FRSA

    Family Readiness Support Assistant

  • FS

    Family Services

  • FSC

    Family Support Center


    Freaked Up Beyond All Recognition


    Fudged Up Beyond All Recognition

  • G


  • Gedunk

    The canteen or snack bar of a large vessel of the United States Navy.

  • Geedunk

    The canteen or snack bar of a large vessel of the United States Navy.

  • ggAVN


  • GMT

    Greenwich Mean Time

  • GOLF

    Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

  • GOV

    Government Owned Vehicle

  • GQ

    General Quarters

  • GS

    General Schedule (Civil Service worker)

  • GSU

    Geographically Separated Unit

  • H


  • HDP

    Hazard Duty Pay

  • HHG

    Household Goods

  • Hockey Puck

    Often used in reference to the thing in your MRE’s or C-Rats that is supposed to be a cookie or brownie, but has more of the characteristics of a hockey puck.

  • HOLA

    Housing Overseas Living Allowance

  • HQ

    Headquarters (generally wing commander’s office)

  • I


  • IAW

    In Accordance With

  • IG

    Inspector General


    I Hate This Freakin’ Place

  • J


  • JAG

    Judge Advocate General (legal office)

  • JFTR

    Joint Federal Travel Regulation

  • JPAC

    Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command

  • K


  • KISS

    Keep it Simple, Sergeant

  • KVN

    Key Volunteer Network

  • L


  • LES

    Leave and Earning Statement

  • Liberty

    Time Off

  • Limdu

    Limited Duty

  • LPO

    Leading Petty Officer

  • M


  • M GI Bill

    Montgomery GI Bill

  • MA 3

    MASTER at ARMS 3rd Class

  • MAC

    Military Airlift Command

  • MCX

    Marine Corps Exchange

  • MEB

    Medical Evaluation Board


    Medical Command

  • MEU

    Marine Expeditionary Unit

  • MGI

    College Funds

  • MM

    Machinist Mate


    Mobilization Command

  • MOS

    Military Occupational Specialty

  • MP

    Military Police

  • MPF

    Military Personnel Flight

  • MRAP

    Military Rapid Armour Program

  • MRE

    Meal, Ready to Eat


    Military Spouses Residency Relief Act

  • MSS

    Mission Support Squadron

  • MTF

    Military Treatment Facility, or base clinic/hospital

  • MTI

    Military Training Instructor. Drill sergeant for the USAF.

  • MWR

    Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

  • N


  • NAF

    Non-Appropriated Funds

  • NATO

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • NCO

    Non-Commissioned Officer


    Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

  • NEX

    Navy Exchange

  • NLT

    Not Later Than

  • NOSC

    Navy On-Scene Coordinator

  • NTC

    National Training Center. Located in Ft. Irwin, CA

  • O



    Outside the Continental United States (overseas tour, includes Alaska & Hawaii)

  • OHA

    Overseas Housing Allowance

  • OIC

    Officer in Charge

  • OJT

    On the Job Training

  • Ombudsman

    Volunteer, a spouse, who is the well trained link between sailors and their families.

  • OOD

    Officer Of the Deck

  • OPM

    Office of Personnel Management

  • OPR

    Office of Primary Responsibility

  • OPR

    Officer Performance Report


    Operational Security – Protecting critical information to protect the mission and the service members – such as dates, times, troop movements, security procedures, locations, ship movements, etc.

  • ORE

    Operational Readiness Exercise

  • ORI

    Operational Readiness Inspection

  • OSC

    Officers’ Spouses Club

  • OSI

    Office of Special Investigations


    Open Source Intelligence

  • OTB

    Over the Beach

  • OTS

    Officer Training School

  • OWC

    Officers’ Wives Club (title being phased out in favor of OSC)

  • P



    Pacific Air Forces

  • PAYS

    Army’s Partnership for Youth Success program

  • PCA

    Permanent Change of Assignment

  • PCM

    Primary Care Manager

  • PCS

    Permanent Change of Station

  • PDA

    Present Duty Assignment

  • PEB

    Physical Evaluation Board


    Personal Security

  • PFE

    Promotion Fitness Exam

  • PFMP

    Personal Financial Management Program

  • PFT

    Physical Fitness Test

  • PIR

    Parachute Infantry Regiment

  • PIR


  • PL

    Platoon Leader

  • PME

    Professional Military Education

  • POA

    Power of Attorney

  • POC

    Point of Contact

  • POD

    Plan of the Day

  • POG

    Personal Other than Grunt

  • POV

    Privately Owned Vehicle

  • PRP

    Personal Reliability Program

  • PRT

    Physical Readiness Test

  • PSD

    Personnel Support Detachment – provides pay and personnel support for military personnel

  • PT

    Physical Training

  • PTSD

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • PX

    Post Exchange

  • Q


  • QA

    Quality Assurance

  • QRF

    Quick Reaction Force

  • R


  • RAP

    Relocation Assistance Program; also known as Relo

  • RAV

    Readiness Assistance Volunteer

  • RAVA

    Readiness Assistance Volunteer Advisor

  • RC

    Reserve Component


    Release From Active Duty

  • RGR

    Roger; I Acknowledge You

  • RIF

    Reduction in Force

  • ROTC

    Reserve Officer Training Corps

  • RSVP

    Respond if you Please (expect yes or no)

  • RTD

    Return To Duty

  • RTHP

    Return To Home Port

  • RUIC

    Reserve Unit Identification Code

  • S


  • SA

    Seaman Apprentice

  • SABC

    Self Aid and Buddy Care

  • SATO

    Scheduled Airlines Ticket Office

  • SBP

    Survivor Benefit Plan

  • SDP

    Savings Deposit Program

  • SEA

    Senior Enlisted Advisor, now known as the Command Chief Master Sergeant, CCMSGT

  • Seabees

    Construction Force of the Navy


    United States Secretary of the Navy

  • SF

    Security Forces

  • SFS

    Security Forces Squadron

  • SGLI

    Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance

  • Sideways

    As in flying sideways, you’ve lost course, are confused, or became misdirected. Example: “Sorry, I got sideways on that.”

  • SKT

    Skills and Knowledge Test

  • SM

    Service Member


    Situation Normal: All Fudged Up

  • SO

    Significant Other

  • SOC

    Service member Opportunity Colleges Consortium

  • SOFA

    Status of Forces Agreement

  • SOI

    Signal operating Instructions

  • SOP

    Standard Operating Procedure


    A flight or single flying mission

  • SOS

    Squadron Officer’s School

  • SRA

    Senior Airman

  • SSAN

    Social Security Number

  • SSD

    Specialized Search Dog

  • SSN

    Social Security Number

  • STEP

    Stripes for Exceptional Performers

  • Stint

    Term used for a designated time period such as a year tour overseas or on board ship.

  • SWCC

    Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman

  • SWO

    Surface Warfare Officer

  • T


  • TA

    Tuition Assistance (program for active duty members)

  • TAD

    Temporary assigned duty – temporary duty assignment


    Total Active Federal Military Service Date, the date the member came on active duty.

  • TAP

    Transition Assistance Program

  • TDP

    TriCare Dental Plan

  • TDY

    Temporary Duty

  • TLA

    Temporary Living Allowance

  • TLE

    Temporary Lodging Expenses

  • TLF

    Temporary Living Facility

  • TMO

    Traffic Management Office

  • TO

    Technical Order

  • TOS

    Time on Station


    The military’s health plan for all service members.

  • TSP

    Thrift Savings Plan


    Type Command-Air, Shore, Sea, Submariner, and Expeditionary

  • U


  • UCI

    Unit Compliance Inspection

  • UCMJ

    Uniform Code of Military Justice

  • UDP

    Unit Deployment Program

  • UPT

    Undergraduate Pilot Training

  • USAF

    United States


    United States Air Force – Europe

  • USAR

    United States Army Reserves


    United States Army Recruiting Command


    Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

  • UTA

    Unit Training Assembly

  • V


  • VA

    Veteran’s Administration

  • VAQ

    Visiting Airman’s Quarters

  • VETS

    Veterans Employment and Training Service

  • VFA

    V-stands for fixed wing aircraft. F-fight, A-attack.

  • VHA

    Variable Housing Allowance

  • VOQ

    Visiting Officers Quarters

  • W


  • WAPS

    Weighted Airman Promotion System

  • WG

    Wage Grade (Civil Service worker)

  • WIC

    Women, Infants, and Children’s Program


    I understand and will comply with the actions ordered.

  • X


  • XO

    Executive Officer

  • Y


  • Z


  • ZULU

    Greenwich Mean Time