• O



    Outside the Continental United States (overseas tour, includes Alaska & Hawaii)

  • OHA

    Overseas Housing Allowance

  • OIC

    Officer in Charge

  • OJT

    On the Job Training

  • Ombudsman

    Volunteer, a spouse, who is the well trained link between sailors and their families.

  • OOD

    Officer Of the Deck

  • OPM

    Office of Personnel Management

  • OPR

    Office of Primary Responsibility

  • OPR

    Officer Performance Report


    Operational Security – Protecting critical information to protect the mission and the service members – such as dates, times, troop movements, security procedures, locations, ship movements, etc.

  • ORE

    Operational Readiness Exercise

  • ORI

    Operational Readiness Inspection

  • OSC

    Officers’ Spouses Club

  • OSI

    Office of Special Investigations


    Open Source Intelligence

  • OTB

    Over the Beach

  • OTS

    Officer Training School

  • OWC

    Officers’ Wives Club (title being phased out in favor of OSC)