Long before Jeremy Hilton, a Navy veteran, became the Military Spouse of the Year® , he was advocating for military families. He has devoted himself to improving the lives of those in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), confronting medical challenges, and caring for wounded warriors. He developed a national campaign for legislation to support these families. Jeremy has spoken in front of the Congressional Family Caucus as well as numerous congressional delegations and staffers on the Armed Services, HELP, and Judiciary Committees. Jeremy has dedicated himself to ensure all military families are treated fairly regardless of special needs or circumstances.

A collection of all of the articles in Military Spouse by Jeremy Hilton:

August 2012My Promise to You

September 2012Jeremy’s Rules of the Road

October 2012Use Your Vote

November 2012Supporting Our Heroes.. Even the Littelest Ones

December 2012The Spirit of the Season

January 2013This is Your Year

February 2013Caring Your Yourself

March 2013One Nation, One Community

April 2013 –  We Don’t Need Another Party!

May 2013A Problem We Can Fix

June 2013Thank You and Godspeed

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