• S


  • SA

    Seaman Apprentice

  • SABC

    Self Aid and Buddy Care

  • SATO

    Scheduled Airlines Ticket Office

  • SBP

    Survivor Benefit Plan

  • SDP

    Savings Deposit Program

  • SEA

    Senior Enlisted Advisor, now known as the Command Chief Master Sergeant, CCMSGT

  • Seabees

    Construction Force of the Navy


    United States Secretary of the Navy

  • SF

    Security Forces

  • SFS

    Security Forces Squadron

  • SGLI

    Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance

  • Sideways

    As in flying sideways, you’ve lost course, are confused, or became misdirected. Example: “Sorry, I got sideways on that.”

  • SKT

    Skills and Knowledge Test

  • SM

    Service Member


    Situation Normal: All Fudged Up

  • SO

    Significant Other

  • SOC

    Service member Opportunity Colleges Consortium

  • SOFA

    Status of Forces Agreement

  • SOI

    Signal operating Instructions

  • SOP

    Standard Operating Procedure


    A flight or single flying mission

  • SOS

    Squadron Officer’s School

  • SRA

    Senior Airman

  • SSAN

    Social Security Number

  • SSD

    Specialized Search Dog

  • SSN

    Social Security Number

  • STEP

    Stripes for Exceptional Performers

  • Stint

    Term used for a designated time period such as a year tour overseas or on board ship.

  • SWCC

    Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman

  • SWO

    Surface Warfare Officer