10 GIFs Showing Phases of Deployment Emotions

deployment emotions

1. Superwoman or Superman Phase


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The initial “Everything will be OK, I’m strong, I can handle this” phase.

2. Freakout Phase


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This often happens pretty quickly after the superwoman phase and sometimes involves hysterics and/or fantasies of running away with your significant other so they don’t have to leave.

3. The Ice Cream Phase


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The ice cream phase — aka “I do what I want phase” — when you realize that yes, you can have ice cream, pizza or whatever you want for dinner every night while sitting on the couch watching reruns of “Friends” and no one can stop you.

4. The End of Ice Cream Phase


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The end of the ice cream phase is typically followed by the fitness and health enthusiast phase where you decide you will lose 20 pounds by working out 2 hours a day and eating only kale smoothies for the remainder of the deployment.

5. The Grinch Phase


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The overwhelming feeling of frustration and being sick of being alone phase or what I like to call the “Grinch phase.”

6. The Survival Phase


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The feeling of knowing that no matter how hard this is, you will get through this because you know you are strong, your spouse is strong and you will both come out of this even stronger together; survival phase.

7.  The Framily Phase


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The overwhelming feeling of appreciation and love you feel for your “framily.” This feeling pretty much lasts the whole deployment and involves grateful hugs and emotional gushes of gratitude to your friends and family for helping you through the deployment.

8. The Anticipation Phase


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The immense feeling of excitement and desire to shout from the rooftops when you hear your spouse is coming home.

9. The Nervous-Excited Phase

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Quickly followed by extreme nervousness over if your spouse will come home in time, as well as nervousness over seeing your spouse and adjusting to each other once they’re home again.

10. The Overwhelming Relief and Happy Tears Phase


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The all consuming love and happiness you feel the moment your spouse gets home and the knowledge that they are always worth it.

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