1 Summit, 2 Days, 3 Events: Are YOU In?


The military spouse’s premier career summit is less than a month away! If you haven’t yet signed up for this Mil-Spouse career extravaganza, then I whole-heartedly suggest you get on that STAT!

The National Military Spouse Network’s (NMSN) Annual Military Spouse Career Summit is widely known to many as one THE professional development events of the year! I was able to attend last November, and I can personally attest that I left with a load of insight, empowerment, perspective and ideas…and a ton more friends to boot!

I was smack dab in the middle of the dreaded PCS Identity Crisis.  That’s when I met Sue Hoppin – the President and Founder of the NMSN. She invited me to come to the Summit, since I was unemployed at the time and feeling a bit discouraged about my prospects (or lack thereof I should say). I’m SO glad that I did, because the Summit helped give me the courage to look outside of the box in my job search and start networking to make myself more competitive.

See what I have to say here: 

But shoot! You don’t just have to take MY word for it!  Here are a few awesome Mil-Spouses (whom you may know from around the spouse-way) who also attended last year.  Let’s see what THEY have to say!


Trish flew all the way from GERMANY to attend the Summit last year. That’s 8-9 hours on a PLANE and across an OCEAN (yes, the Summit is THAT good)! In this video, Trish talks about how what she learned and how confidence was inspired through that. Let’s see what else she took away from her time with us:


Theresa is an Air Force Key Spouse who was so excited about the Summit that she wrote a poem about it! As a Key Spouse, she strongly believes in connection (which you will find in SPADES once you attend). Let’s see what Theresa has to say about this phenomenal event:


Melissa was so stoked about the Summit that she even brought her husband to the evening networking event, which featured a panel of veteran’s AND spouses so that they could give us the low-down on what transition looked like for them in life AND marriage. Whether you’re nearing retirement or the end of your first and (due to the current drawdown of troops) only tour of duty, being prepared for transition should become second nature to all of us.

Let’s see what Melissa and her husband walked away with from that evening:

I bet you’re signing up RIGHT NOW, aren’t you? Not yet? Still need some convincing? Ok, I’ll bite.

First, let me tell you that I do not work for NMSN nor am I affiliated with it in any way other than as a first-hand testimony through my experience with the Summit. I don’t make any money saying any of this or get any ‘kick-backs’ (or whatever it’s called). DUDE… I am a BELIEVER. And I believe that YOU have as much to gain as I did.  So here’s what I gained.

The summit gave me the fuel I needed to power through many of my own military life employment worries (especially that PCS Identity Crisis). I left feeling as if I had entered a new world where secrets were revealed to me that I had never thought existed.  We all heard REAL stories about REAL people like us who were taking risks and becoming even MORE successful than ever because of their own experiences and (for some of them) because of THIS SUMMIT.

I personally feel as though I still have much to learn…which is EXACTLY why I will be attending again this year!

I’ll see you there, right?

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