3 MOMtrepreneur Companies That Move With You

The majority of military spouses are jobless or underemployed – fearful that their partner’s status as an active-duty service member could scare off employers, many don’t apply for jobs when arriving to a new duty station.

Those who do, often end up landing a job that comes with a pay cut, forced to climb a new totem pole at a new company.

And then there are those who defy the odds and take matters into their own hands, starting their own business and raking in cash on their own terms. Here are some “MOM”trepreneur’s that have done just that.

Rodan + Fields

Meet: Tonia Leuthardt

Rodan + Fields Consultant

Tonia is in her early thirties and has been married to a Marine for six years. On top of raising three children (including a newborn!) she is rising in the world of skin care as a Level 2 Executive consultant for Rodan + Fields.

“My family is my number one priority and will always come first,” she said. “The beauty of this business is that I can literally fit into all the nooks and crannies of my day. During nap time, waiting in the car pickup line at school, after I put my kids to bed.”

She admits, despite the flexibility that comes with her job, moving around so much is challenging because she is always establishing new groups of friends or networks and never wants to be pegged as a pushy “sales lady.”

Overtime she has overcome that fear of being stereotyped and encourages other women to flip the script and look at the challenge through new lenses: “Moving every 3-5 years, as well as the high family turnover rate of military community allows me consistent opportunities to expand my business and make lifelong friends in the process. It also gives me satisfaction when I’m able to help someone with new skin issues or a new business opportunity.”

Her success transcends business too, Rodan + Fields has also provided her another community full of support. “The friendships that have evolved from Rodan + Fields are something that is truly incredible and something that I cherish.”