It’s Military Saves Week!

We all know the importance of saving for a rainy day but setting aside savings each month can often be easier said than done. In 2017 the GoBankingRates survey found that fifty-seven percent of Americans have $1,000 or less in their savings accounts, and thirty-nine percent have no savings at all! While most military installations and MWRs provide financial literacy education year-round, for one week every year, the focus on savings is amplified.

Military Saves Week, which takes place February 26 through March 3, 2018, is an annual opportunity for service members and their families to evaluate their personal savings status and promote good savings behavior. Installations, Family Readiness Centers, financial institutions and other organizations worldwide join together to spread the saving message, and urge their communities to participate in Military Saves Week and take the Military Saves Pledge.

       How can YOU participate in Military Saves Week?

Seek out participating organizations in your community

Hundreds of organizations participate in Military Saves Week to motivate service members and their families to save. To find participating organizations near you, reference the directory of 2018 Military Saves Week participating organizations  and filter to see who in your area is participating, and sign up to be a local participant.

Participating organizations will be holding financial planning seminars, events, classes and even one-  on-one counseling with representatives from military credit unions, local financial institutions, and establishments that aid in financial planning.

Take the saver pledge

By taking the pledge, you are promising to help yourself by “saving money, reducing debt, and building wealth over time” while helping your family and country by encouraging other Americans to “Build Wealth, Not Debt.”

Taking the pledge can help you feel more accountable and committed to your saving goal and give you the opportunity to open the door for additional resources with savings tips and advice.

Complete the Financial Fitness Checklist

Every positive habit starts with a goal and a plan. Complete the Military Saves Finance Fitness Checklist below to take the first step towards reaching your savings goals.

Participate in the #ImSavingFor Contest 2018

As part of Military Saves Week, the organization is launching a video and photo context. You can participate by:

  • Taking the Military Saves Pledge (referenced above)
  • Creating a video of your savings story OR
  • Submitting a photo of yourself and your savings goal

*Special Pledge Entry Form required to enter the contest. Check website for more details. 


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