Here’s Why I Became A Stronger, Fearless Spouse at the NMSN Roadshow

For military spouses networking is an essential way of life. I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Military Spouse Network Roadshow in San Antonio, Texas.

The event was an amazing opportunity to enhance your personal and professional development as well as one of the biggest things military spouses need – an opportunity to network!

The Guest Speakers at the Roadshow were absolutely amazing. They provided insight into resume, jobs, marketing, branding, personally-owned businesses (Independent Contractor), Finances, FMLA, and more! You can gain a huge insight by attending.

Some of the highlights from speakers:

On a Friday night panel there was a great opportunity to learn how to market yourself. One question asked was “How can you set yourself apart?” Some of the answers were about highlighting differences on your resume (what makes you stand out compared to others), researching the company and job prior to interviewing, and do not rely on the hiring company to translate your skills.

Another important point featured was the continuous change in jobs/locations on a resume for military spouses. Most spouses try to avoid letting an employer know that they are a military spouse. Times have changed and now it okay to let them know you are a military spouse. Most military spouses are flexible, have great adaptability to changes, and have a better sense of accomplishing a mission.

Also, Google yourself and ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date! Employers will actually check you out online to see what they can find out about you.

Nancy Belmont joined the Roadshow for an amazing opportunity to hear her talk about her courage formula: Passion > Fear = Courage. We had our own Courage Wall at the Roadshow where we had the opportunity to complete the phrase, “I wish I had the courage to…” She is an amazing speaker and really makes you take a step back and think about things both personally and professionally. One of the best things I took away was, “Fear is what holds you back on things when you say, ‘I should…'” What is holding us back from our next goal?

Sue Hoppin CEO and founder of the NMSN released “JobHoppin” at the San Antonio Roadshow. This is a marketplace connecting military spouses with career options. Their vision, “is to ensure that every military spouse who wants to work is able to find and secure meaningful opportunities no matter where they’re stationed.”

As spouses, I believe that a lot of times when we get a job, we quit looking to improve ourselves for awhile.

Maggie Hahn from USAA said, “Once you are in your dream organization/job, your networking does not end. It has just begun!” Do not stop going, do not stop trying, there is more out there and always room to grow!

I highly encourage anyone who can make it to the next Roadshows or even the Summit to do so! This was an amazing event and an even better opportunity to meet other spouses and network!

If you’re interested in experiencing this amazing event, it’s not too late for you!! There are two more Roadshow events this year, Tacoma, Washington and Ft. Walton Beach Florida. It all leads up to the Big Event – The Summit. (Here’s what happened last year!!)

Learn more and get registered today, because you do NOT want to miss out on this…

Felicia Davis, 2017 JBSA Lackland Military Spouse of the Year

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