35 SPOUSEtypes We All Love

What about a list of “SPOUSEtypes” instead of stereotypes that are 100 percent positive?!

THESE are the spouses we see every day.

THESE are the spouses that are really more of the norm.

THESE are the spouses that are near and dear to our hearts.

THESE are the spouses who have helped make our community strong, resilient and diverse.

We all know that with 1.1 million spouses out there, this list is a good start, but barely scratches the surface of our incredible community! Which “SPOUSEtypes” are in your circle of friends? Which “SPOUSEtype” are you?!

35) Prepared Spouse: The spouse who has compiled a list on all of the best schools, restaurants, babysitters, daycares and carpools in the area and diligently ensures that every incoming family receives a copy within their first 48 hours of in-processing.

34) Cheerleader Spouse: One who rallies behind fellow spouses, in good times and in bad.

33) Gung Ho Spouse: The spouse who loves his or her partner’s branch of service. You’ll recognize this because he/she is wearing a T-shirt, ball cap and key chain emblazoned with the branch logo, while running to a meeting to plan a morale event for families.

32) Calm-Under-Pressure Spouse: The one who remains calm, cool and collected while things are falling apart and helps keep other spouses from freaking out.

31) Potluck Spouse: The one who comes prepared with a pan of lasagna, cake or something to throw in the freezer for birthdays, deployments, pregnancy, funerals, etc. And will even coordinate a group of people to help out and deliver meals during the time of need.

30) Nurturing Spouse: The one who hasn’t forgotten what challenges are like, even though he/she is ‘older,’ and drops by with brownies (or beer) on the first day of deployment, drives you and your screaming child to the ER when they split their head open, and sends little cards and notes ‘just because.’

29) Volunteer Spouse: Runs the spouses’ club, serves on chapel committees, organizes meals for new moms, and is constantly looking for ways to give back to the military and local community.

28) Cry-On-Their-Shoulder Spouse: This spouse doesn’t always know what to say, but is always there when needed.

27) Been-There, Done-That Spouse: This one knows who to call to get an impossible-to-get doctor’s appointment; which ID facility has the shortest lines at a certain time of day; how to get your kid in the best teacher’s class; when to register for all the sports leagues; and always knows the dates and times for Bunco.

26) “Lived Here Forever” Spouse: The one who knows the best pediatrician, hairstylist and dentist in town – and never minds sharing the name and phone number of their tried and true babysitter with you!

25) Inviter Spouse: The one who is always having people over; always going for walks or taking kids to the playground or the pool; organizing nights out – and always inclusive (and even a little bit aggressive) about inviting new people to come along.

24) Suck-It-Up-Spouse: The one who gives you the tough love when no one else will, but you know you need it.

23) Advocate Spouse: This spouse has everyone’s back, and has spent countless hours fighting for the community as a whole in their local community, at their current installation… and isn’t afraid to bring that fight to our leaders in Washington.

22) Super-Parent Spouse: They homeschool, or if in the public schools, they can be found at the PTA meetings, at every event and contributing to the educations of their little ones. They are the kids’ biggest fans and they do all they can to support them.

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