8 Things that Should Probably (not) be on Your PCS To-Do List

Moving is the pits.

I’d rather scrub grout blind-folded with a toothbrush in between my toes than ever move again. (Literally, as I wrote that, my husband came in to tell me about a job opportunity that would require a global PCS. (Insert inconsolable weeping face emoji here.)

Moving to another duty station (and the PCS process itself), can be tumultuous and scary, even to the most seasoned of PCS-ers. Worries abound: “Should we pack ourselves? Should we let the military pack our most precious belongings?(Definitely talking about our seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls” DVDs, of course.) Should we sell/rent/buy? Live on-post or live off-post? What if there’s no Commissary? Or suitable housing? Or running water? What if we have cannibals for next-door neighbors?” These are all VALID fears to have!

I get it. You’re worried. You’re nervous. You’re thinking of doubling that Xanax prescription. Hold off on that for a couple minutes while I, well…add to your already crippling worry.