4 Ways to Awesomely Customize Your Spouse’s Care Package

Beef jerky and sunflower seeds have long reigned as classic care package treats, and while they never disappoint, they never wow either.

Sending your spouse something that fuels his or her interests or offers the comforts of home will lend a personal touch to your box of goodies, making your spouse feel both cared for and cared about.

Here are a few care package ideas that cater to your significant other’s personality:

1. The Workout Junkie

That first run in a fresh pair of running shoes feels amazing. Treat your spouse to new kicks for a well-deserved boost, showing that you cherish her or his health and happiness. New gym socks and active wear send the same message. Headphones or earbuds are another workout luxury; splurge on a good quality pair as a birthday gift.

Download your spouse’s favorite workout jams on an MP3 player—or find new tunes that you know he or she will dig—to recreate the old-school romance of a mixtape. Foot powder and anti-chafing balm can provide your spouse with a more comfortable workout.

Replace the usual care package sugary snacks with protein bars, trail mix, and chewable vitamin supplements. If your service member has access to a gym, health magazines offer entertainment during cardio sessions. Customize your care package further with a personalized sports water bottle using online photo gift services à la Shutterfly or CafePress using pics of the two of you on vacation or kids’ artwork.

**Bonus points for adding single-serve packs of his or her preferred sports drink mix.