Why Airmen Are Way Tougher Than People Think

article from Business Insider

f22US Air Force PhotoAn F-22 Raptor pilot from the 95th Fighter Squadron based at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., gets situated in his aircraft.

Today is the 68th birthday of the youngest branch of the US military. And the US Air Force ain’t no runt of the litter — the Air Force has the highest budget of the sister service branches, and its operational capabilities are robust and exciting.  In short, the Air Force is way tougher than you think.


Typically, when people think about the Air Force, they think planes and cushy jobs.

But it’s much more complicated than that.

Yes, there are lots of planes.

About 5,032 actually.

Ranging from fighters …

… to bombers …

…to helicopters …

… to heavy transport.

The Air Force also has about a $140 billion budget, which is about 5 times the Marine Corps.

Because F-35s and F-22s aren’t cheap.

Neither is truly remarkable technology.

So it’s true that the Air Force plays with the coolest toys on planet earth.

But these guys and gals also get dirty.

And wield some big guns.

They also fight. Yes, even on the ground.

They do a lot of missions you wouldn’t expect.

And navigate some large obstacles while doing them.

There are several Air Force special operations units.

They fight fires.

On several different levels.

Sometimes drop themselves into some of the toughest spots.

Of course, a lot of it comes back to unparalleled air logistics.

There’s nowhere the Air Force can’t go.

Along with gear.

They’re agile.

And like the other 1.4 million active duty service members, airmen remain ready.

Ultimately, no matter the branch, all troops are there for each other.

And the sacrifices are the same.

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