5 Traits That Make Military Spouses Best In Bed

Photo Credit: fairuz othman, Flickr.com

We all know that military spouses carry unique traits that help navigate through military life–qualities like adaptability, flexibility and excellent communication skills. But many of these same qualities can help us under the sheets. Here are some of the same qualities (and a few others) that ensure military spouses are the best in bed.

1. Flexibility:

Enough said!  But seriously, military spouses are flexible– and not just the gymnast back-bends and splits kind. We are talking the drop everything he’s coming home for “lunch” kind of flexibility. Between kids and early-morning/late-night schedules, we have to apply our skills of time management flexibility to the bedroom.

2. Creativity:

Creativity isn’t solely relegated to making a house a home with nothing more than a set of curtains and a few pictures. In the bedroom, creativity keeps passion alive and the relationship exciting.It is a skill that many military spouses have learned through the course of their marriages. 

3. Communication:

Sure, there is a special language that is used in the bedroom, but communication is more than just about volume (Oorah!), and tone. Military spouses have to learn to communicate effectively to maintain their relationships. Deployments, TDY’s and extended field exercises require physical distance, so it is imperative that the military couple learns to communicate in a way that both partners clearly understand one other.  In learning to communicate over distance, we learn to effectively talk about needs that are important to us, including what goes on under the sheets.


4. Independent:

I am sure by now that you have heard the saying “Independent Dependent.” Life as a military spouse requires that we learn to do things on our *ahem* own. Bedrooms activities are not much different. Frequent deployments and other reasons for time apart mean that we may choose to learn to take care of things by ourselves. Just take care to make sure that your “independence” is kept hidden in a good spot so it is not discovered by little hands. You don’t want to hear like one of our readers did from her child, “Mommy I found your microphone.”

5. Commitment:

Last, but surely not the least, military spouses– much like their service member significant others– are committed. Committed to country and to our relationships. This quality allows that our service members can carry on with the missions that are in front of them of them without the worry of unfaithfulness.

There are exceptions to every rule, but I would ascertain that most military spouses carry these traits–qualities that help navigate through military life and behind closed doors.

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