3 Universal Truths of Decorating PCS-Style

Decorating PCS Style

Let’s get one thing straight: I love decorating.

No, seriously, I do: What was once a desire to make our house look semi-presentable, metastasized into a full-on obsession. Half the Facebook groups and Instagram accounts that I follow are basically ways for me to look into other peoples’ houses.

I spend entire days cooing over delightful new purchases (I still sigh with happiness over the $25 garage sale coffee table.) Oh, and I am no longer allowed into Marshalls without full supervision. That’s a rule I had to make for myself. It’s that bad.

So imagine my absolute delight when, after living in a cramped little hut for months, we made the big move to on-base housing into what feels like a palace. I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of decorating this lovely, *grown up* new place (and I admit, I still feel a little bit like a kid in a Wendy house.) And, all being said, it was a very, very easy move — all complete in one short day.

(Record scratch): Then it came time to decorate this charming new abode. All of a sudden it made sense again — this is why I hate moving. In reality, decorating a new, white-walled home from scratch, is nothing short of awful. Standing back and looking at that metropolis of boxes — and worse, peering into a cavernous box of kitchenware all wrapped in beige packing paper — is The Worst, however much you think you love decorating.


But! What do we do when the military life gets us down, folks? We get back up, we dust ourselves down, and we come together to laugh at it together. May I present: The Universal Truths About Decorating PCS-Style.