Top 10 Things NOT to Let the Movers Pack!

10. Your trash. If it’s in the garbage can, it’s getting wrapped in paper and moving with you cross-country. In the back of a truck. For two weeks. In July.

9. Your grandmother’s wedding photo. Or your wedding photos. Or the only copies of your photos of your kids. (Sensing a theme here?)

8. Your computers, video game systems or other small, valuable electronics. First, they can easily grow legs. Second, you will want them with you when you get to your new, empty home where you’ll be waiting at least a day or two for your household goods delivery.

7. Dirty laundry. As with the trash, if it’s in your hamper, it’s getting packed up and shipped as-is. You don’t want that. Trust me.

6. Your little one’s favorite blankie, stuffed animal or other lovey. It will get to your new home, but you (and your little one) will be without it during what can be a stressful time.

5. A full Diaper Genie (or litter box, or uncleaned hamster cage.) See numbers 10 and 7 and magnify the consequences by, oh, several thousand times.

4. Your important documents and records: copies of your spouse’s PCS orders, birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, adoption paperwork, leases, deeds, car titles and registration documents, your medical records, your children’s vaccination records, children’s school records, your pets’ vaccination records, etc. Invest in a portable file box (or two, or five.) Fireproof and waterproof boxes are a great idea, but a bit pricey.

3. Your cleaning products. You’re going to need them to clean your current home after it’s empty, and you’re going to want them with you when you get to your new home. Even if the your new home has been cleaned by the previous resident, you’re probably going to want to scrub out the tub before putting your kiddos into it. (Been there, done that.)

2. Anything that breathes – animal or plant. It won’t be in good shape by the time you open the box.

1. Anything you keep in that bag on the top shelf in your bedroom closet, or in the back of your nightstand drawer, or in the box labeled “Fifty Shades.” Pack it yourself and take it with you. Enough said.

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