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We’ve already brought you some of the Milspouse Community’s biggest Pinterest inspired failures. So we thought it was only fair that we share some of our favorite pins with you as well! Here are 50 pins that we just can’t live without! Be sure to follow our entire Pinterest account HERE, we have thousands more and we’re adding to it daily!



Deploy1Deployment Clocks

Have one clock set with your local time and the other with your spouse’s deployed time. Not only can this add a decorative element to the room, it’ll cut down on having to do the time change conversion in your head a thousand times a day!









Deploy130 Best Chick Flicks of All Time

With the spouse out of the house, what better time to binge-watch the best chick flick movies of all time!? Not only will it occupy your time, he’ll thank you when he returns and doesn’t have to watch them….again.









Deploy3Portable Door Jammer
We LOVE this! Now, we know we’re all fully capable of protecting the homefront while our spouse is deployed. But what an extra piece of mind this awesome little guy can provide! The best part, it’s portable! So there’s nothing to screw to the wall, and it’s great for roadtrips and nights in hotels!









We’ve all seen the numerous ways to countdown the dwindling days left of deployment. But we think this one is extra fun! You can even use the shredded paper as confetti to celebrate homecoming!










Deploy5Deployment Wall
This one is fantastic for the kids! Use clocks, maps, a countdown chalkboard, and even keep track of the weather down range! It’s a fantastic way to keep them involved and engaged, helping them feel like your spouse is in a real place…rather than just “deployed”.










Adorable Military Kids


1.  Deploy2


2.  Deploy2


3.  Deploy2


4.  Deploy2


5.  Deploy2





Decorating A Military Home




Oh, the Places You’ve Been
Frame a colorful cut-out of each of the states (and countries!) that you’ve lived in. We think this is a fantastic, creative way to keep a small reminder of all of the places the military has sent you!








Deploy2Harmless Decorating!
Why didn’t we ever think of this before!? Use a thumb tack in the wall and a magnet glued to whatever you want to decorate with. Especially great for the kid’s rooms, they can have their own style, without leaving you to re-spackle the entire home before you PCS!










Deploy3Portable Height Chart
We’re pretty sure this is a DIY inspired by a pretty pricey Pottery Barn piece. So not only does that mean it’s cost effective, it’s also cute, it’s functional, and it’s PCS-portable. What more could a mil-spouse ask for!? 









Deploy4Wall Decals
Large, custom wall decals can be really expensive! Check out this pin to find out how to make your own fabric decals! They’re a great way to add color and texture to any room, and yes – they’re removable!










Deploy5Letters Home
This is another one of our favorites! As milspouses in the 21st Century, we all know the sentimental value behind a hand written letter home. There’s no amount of phone calls or skype sessions that could take the place of opening the mailbox and seeing that little envelope sent from the other side of the globe. Take it to an office supply store and have them blow it up to your desired frame size, mount on the wall, and treasure forever.













1.  Home1


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5.  Deploy2






Patriotic1Year-round Independence Day

As military families, we’re used to flying the good ol’ Red, White & Blue on more days than just the 4th of July. What a great way to incorporate a small amount of our patriotism into everyday life, and healthy too!









Deploy2Not So In-Your-Face
We love this subtle decorating tactic. As previously mentioned, we can’t get enough of our nation’s colors. Using kidney, northern, and black beans in vases is a great way to stay within the Americana theme, without hanging an American flag from every corner of your living room.








Deploy3God Bless America (and chocolate!)
We can always use an excuse to have chocolate covered strawberries, am I right…or am I right!? We officially declare these a staple in every American’s diet.










Deploy4Americana Wreath
This is a super easy DIY & and a great way to help spruce up your front door! 











Deploy5Southern Charm
Now these look like they were just torn out of a Southern Living magazine. They are classy and timeless, we just love them!













Milspouse Inspiration


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Organizing the Home


Organize1Forget Me Not

If you’ve lost one important document during a PCS, we’ve lost a thousand. Use this folder system to help keep everything in one organized place. Word to the wise: do NOT let the movers take the folders! It will require a little extra cargo for you to move, but trust us, you’ll be thankful.









Organizing2DIY: Clutch Organizer
Math has never been our strongsuit, so we’re not really sure how 15+ years worth of military balls can somehow equate to 37 different clutches and mini-handbags. But thankfully, we found this gem! You simply use a kitchen lid rack to organgize them all, genius!










Oraganize3Garage Storage
We’re all thankful for our spouse and the immaculate housework they can get accomplished with all those tools out in the garage. But we’re less than thankful for the amount of room they take up when they’re not being used. Try this little tip to keep everything organized and out of the way!









Organize4Snack Station
Use these little fridge-caddies to store pre-portioned snacks for the kids! Not only does it help keep the refrigerator shipshape, it makes independent, self-service for the little ones a breeze!










Organize5Medicine Organization
I don’t know about you, but I swear it’d be the end of this great country’s world-presence if our enemies ever found out what babies our spouses become when they get the sniffles. This pin is similar to the Snack Station above….it makes independent, self-service for our sickly spouses a breeze!












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Military Weddings




This is such a cute way to incorporate the military into your wedding photography! (Can easily be made into Hooah! as well!)










Wedding Day Fun!
Who says all of your Big-Day’s photos need to be super serious and posed? Feel free to let loose and have fun with it! (Just be sure not to get too carried away! While your wedding is not an official military event, there is still some protocol that must be followed in uniform.)






Borrowed? New? Blue? This idea can fit a lot of the superstitious wedding routines. Use a nametape your spouse wore on deployment for something borrowed. Use it to symbolize your “new” name. Or use one from your spouse’s Navy uniform for something ‘blue’!









Deploy4Big Day Bouquet
Few people will see your bouquet up close. Putting your spouse’s dogtags in with it is a sentimental way to have them close to you, without making a spectacle out of them. They also make for great pictures!













No. Caption. Needed. 😉













Care Packages


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5.  Care5



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