Want to Meet Your Neighbors? Buy a Watermelon.

I’ve been pretty successful lately on the friendship-dating scene.  Actually, I’m quite the player these days.  However, I need to crack a bigger nut:  my civilian neighbors.

Getting to know your new civilian neighbors is more challenging than getting to know your military neighbors. It’s a strange dance, completely based on timing, between you and the strangers that live next to you.  You have to see them as they are either leaving or arriving home.  You have to be outside at the right moment to scout their family dynamic and make your introductions. It’s hit or miss. It’s maddening!

I decided it was time to scour my new neighborhood for a friendship match.  I needed to know them as much they should want to know me.  I have much to offer to my new neighbors; I’m fun to be around, darn it! . . . said the girl sitting alone.

C’mon!  I love to laugh, cook and, more importantly, I like wine.  There has to be one or two of my neighbors who would be willing to sit on the porch with me on Friday night sipping a glass of merlot, watching the kids chalk up the sidewalks.  Anyone? Just clink your wine glasses together and I’ll hear the secret wine code of friendship.  

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