What Military Kids Say About Freedom

April is the Month of the Military Child. We think military kiddos are some of the most incredible people on the planet! A group of our contributors asked some of the military kids in their lives for their answer to one simple question, “What does freedom mean to you? The answers will take your breath away! Some are quite profound, some just make our hearts swell with pride, and some are just so cute we challenge you NOT to smile when you read them. We encourage you to ask your military kiddos the same question and post it in the comments!

Contributors: Erin Whitehead, MJ Boice, Ingrid Herrera-Yee, Morgan Slade, Ashley Marie

“Freedom means having the right to do what we were meant to do.” John, 13

“What my Daddy fights for and what America means.” Michael, 8

“Having no school.” Aiden, 5

“It is what we are so lucky to have, and what our military fights for. It’s why I’m so proud to be an American and a military kid.” Will, 13

“It means I can dance if I want to dance.” Sammie, 5

“Freedom means you are free to do what you want and stuff.” Elijah, 7

“It means getting out of slavery, that everyone is equal. It’s also important to a lot of people in jail.” Chris, 10

“Hugging you, Mommy!” Addison, 4

“Freedom means being able to choose. Like choosing your religion or your job. And even choosing where you live and what school you want to go to.” Elizabeth, 11

“Freedom means that you want lots of space.” Liam, 5

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