When You’re Adulting and All You Want Is a Real Summer Vaca

I have a real question for you…

DO WE HAVE TO ADULT ALLLL YEAR LONG?? UGH!! Raise your hand if you miss SUMMER!

And I’m not just talking about that season between Spring and Fall. I’m talking about a 2- to 3-month break from responsibilities. I’m not just talking about taking a dip in the pool for fun. I’m referring to the CAREFREE attitude that makes you run, grab your knees, and yell “CANNON BALL” as you jump in the deep end!

If you’re still missing my point, what I’m trying to say is I’d love to take a scheduled hiatus from “Adulting.

Now here’s a short disclaimer for those of you who are too serious to appreciate this piece:

I love being a mom and taking care of my lil cubs. I’m amazed everyday at the wonderful man I’m married too. And I’m so grateful for our beautiful home and the life we have together.

That being said… Can somebody else wash clothes, clean, cook, get groceries, pay bills, take kids to the park, plan activities, keep them safe and alive, etc… while I sleep in and then sit around in my PJs or whatever the heck it is I WANT TO DO?!!

But no. That ain’t happenin’.

I remember when it first hit me that my summers would never be the same. I worked two part-time jobs AND went to college. After my spring classes ended for summer, half of my brain was like “Woohoo” while the other half said, “Wait a minute…I still have to work.” And I sincerely felt JIPPED.

Think about it: You work your behind off all year long (more like 10 months), so those two months to recoup and recharge are priceless and necessary. I recently researched a bunch of articles on summer break, and how the length of the academic school year effects kids blah blah blah. Where’s the research on how adulting effects us? So I did my own to show what some of us would do if we had a REAL summer break! Here’s what we want for our responsibility FREE time:

  • Sleep
  • Binge watch TV
  • Take long baths
  • Travel
  • Swim
  • Go to the beach
  • Read
  • Take daily naps
  • Glass bottom kayaking
  • Enjoy live music
  • Go to a themed party with a water slide
  • Take a trip with friends
  • Vacation on an island
  • Dance
  • Eat GOOD food without having to cook it

And the BEST one of all is to do absolutely NOTHING!! That’s the dream right??

What would you do if you had a real deal summer break?

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