You DO Have Control Over This in 2017


Happy new year!

I know exactly what you are thinking: “Oh no … not an article about making resolutions. Please don’t remind me of past failed attempts at resolutions, or tell me all the great things you are going to accomplish this coming year.”

No. After years of making extremely attainable goals like drinking more water every day, and then failing in the first week to even drink one glass per day, I have changed my tune this year. There is one thought for the year and you may get tired of hearing it from me … maybe by June!

Some of you may remember a couple years ago my mantra to all of you and to myself was Enthusiasm with Respect. That was a good motto for all of us to live by, and many of you wrote to me or told me in person that you appreciated that thought. This year, my goal or motto for all of you is even more straightforward and simple.


We all know what the right thing to do is, but sometimes we choose not to do it. We may choose something because it is easier or quicker, or maybe we even choose to not do anything. But we all know when we choose to do the right thing, the outcome is always a good one.

When my husband was on active duty, I would often go to him for advice on something that was bothering me or to ask him to help me make some decision. He rarely told me what to do or even gave his advice or offered what he would do in that same situation. He always told me, “Do the right thing.”

Urghhhhhh. That would just irritate me so much. I wanted him to tell me what to do. But as I look back, I realize he was absolutely right. I knew what to do. I knew I had to do the right thing.

Do the right thing.

Send that birthday card.

Send a sympathy card.

Visit someone in the hospital.

Help someone move into their new home.

Send a thank you note.

Tell someone how nice they look.

Let someone merge in front of you in traffic.

Open the door and hold it for others.

Tip well.

Pick up your trash.

Be nice to others.

Post only good news or encouraging stories on Facebook.

If you are about to write something mean, don’t.

Support other military spouses.

Support military charities.

Thank those active-duty service members you see in the airport.

We all know what the right thing to do is! So do it. Your year will be a happy.

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