★2018 Top 18 AFI Base Spouses of the Year★

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Here are the Top 18 Base Level Spouses of the Year who will be moving on to the Branch Level voting.
Branch Voting opens on February 20th!

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National Guard

Stefany Buckley

Connecticut National Guard

I hope to continue to spread awareness of the employment issues that military families face. I hope to encourage more states to create licensing accommodations for military spouses; not just for attorneys but for other licensed professions as well. I also hope to bring more awareness to the contributions of the National Guard and advocate for more resources for families of our Guard and Reserve components.

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Shelia Brookins

Kentucky National Guard

I would like the civilian community to understand that our service men and women are the 1% that not only serve their country but they are also local citizens too. Their spouses, children, parents, family, and friends are a part of the community. The reason they do what no one else wants to do is because of the love they have for their community. I want the community to be educated on the differences as well as commonalties that exist in Active, Reserve, and National Guard and what they can do to support all branches and the families that live in their community.

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Lorén Westerfield

Texas National Guard

So few service members feel like their country and the American citizens understand their scarifies. It’s hard enough to be gone, but exponentially so when they don’t feel like it is appreciated. I would want to use this opportunity to educate the public about what it is like to be a military family, how they can get involved with supporting our uniformed military and their families, and why it’s so important to our military’s morale to show that support in tangible ways. Additionally, support our military spouses and kids in their sacrifices. They never swore an oath to support and defend, but their strength is equally as vital to the strength of our nation.

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