A Letter to You, Dear Military Family

In honor of  National Day of the Deployed, we are sharing one of the most special things we’ve seen done to honor the military spouses and military families we love so much.

RRiveter collected letters from individuals who desired to express their gratitude to military servicemembers and military families going through deployment and we are blown away by the beautiful responses. If you want to write a letter, you can still add it (by the end of 10/26) here.

Here is one of the letters we loved most:

“Hello. I do not know you, but I do know what you service man or woman is doing for our country and my freedom. I just missed the Vietnam war and I do remember what my family was going through just thinking about my leaving. I will pray for you and for the safe return of your loved one.

I cannot imagine how much you must suffer not knowing what is going on every single moment of every day that your loved one is not home with you.

I truly love my country and the freedom that it stands for, because of your loved one. Please pass this on to them so that they also will know how important they are to all whom value what we stand for.

I will be here for you if you need anything that I can do for you. The signature on my email reads; our flag flies not because of the wind that blows it, but because of the breath of the servicemen whose breath blows it. Once again, my prayers for your family in this time of thinking about your loved one.”

You can find this and all the other beautiful letters like this one, here.

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