50 Things Dating a Service Member Has Taught Me

While we, of course, always love to hear from those who are married to members of the military, this time we wanted to hear from those who have not yet said, “I Do”! Having a relationship with someone in the military can present many challenges (married or not) BUT there are also incredible blessings and lessons learned. Sometimes, those of us who have been married forever (or maybe it just seems that way) can forget how it felt to be brand new to the lifestyle that comes as a part of falling in love with someone in uniform. So we asked, and received a great response!

The question? “What is one thing you have learned from dating a service member?”

Here are your answers… what would you add to this list?

Lessons that Dating a Service Member Taught Me

1) The importance of communication, patience and faith in our love!

2) I am stronger than I thought.

3) I am learning how to be a very independent person.

4) Stay strong for yourself… but also, for your service member!  You are their biggest fan… they need your support!

5) Love like there is no tomorrow.

6) Appreciate the little things, and the time you DO get to spend together.

7) Distance is a small factor when someone means the world to you.

8) The military isn’t forever, but our relationship is. So work to make sure it lasts.

9) Real love doesn’t care if you are two feet or 7,000 miles apart. It does not fade, it does not weaken, and it can’t be taken for granted.

10) You CANNOT take lack of communication personally. There is nothing you did wrong…sometimes they really just CAN’T talk.

11) Even though it’s hard to see them go sometimes, it can be just as hard to find a balance when they return home.

12) I am not always right.

13) Live everyday like it is your last one with your love.

14) Nothing is ever guaranteed.

15) The true meaning of patience and loyalty.

16) Continue to live your life as “normally” as possible until they are safe home again in your arms.

17) Appreciate the little things…always!

18) Life can very suddenly become unpredictable!

19) I have learned to make sacrifices (of myself) that I never imagined possible.

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