Don’t Let Your Love for Holiday Food Overshadow Your Love For Those Cooking It

How to stay connected when it’s NOT a major holiday.

I remember trips to my grandmother’s house as a kid. As soon as we came in the door we would B-Line it to the kitchen! If she didn’t have something simmering on the stove, we would open her fridge to see what was in there. It had to be something chilled in a pot or Tupperware that we could heat up.

“Ya’ll just come see me for my food! Nobody has given me a hug yet! –My Granny’s Words

Of course this wasn’t true…
I loved the mess out of my grandmother. And there are days when I still grab the phone to call her, but I catch myself. She’s not with us anymore.

The cool thing is that we were ALWAYS around. YES, she was cooking and we were eating. But it wasn’t about a holiday, or the meal that she prepared. It was all about spending time with family and creating unforgettable memories that we all share.

So now that Thanksgiving is here, the calls have gone out to get the menu together, the “hosting” family member has been chosen, and everybody’s slobbering with anticipation of the BIG DEAL MEAL…right?

What happens next? Let’s talk about the weeks after the holidays and how we can STAY connected to the people we love, even when it’s not dictated by a nationally recognized holiday.

Family Ideas

Game Night: Just bring some pizza and whatever games your fam likes! We are card players so our game nights are usually some pretty serious tournaments.

Sunday dinner: This doesn’t necessarily have to be an every weekend event. It could be once a month or bi-weekly. Do what works for your people, but don’t waiver from it. Try and make it a cool ritual.

Group Text/Calls: Sometimes you need to rant about something with your peeps who get all your quirky jokes simply because you share the same memories and childhood. Make it a group deal to check up on each other.

Check In Selfie: A mom of three adult kids shared with me how they all send each other a selfie on Sunday’s. And no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they make it a point to send these fun photos. It’s all about keeping the connection!