How Military Kids Really Feel About Military Life

During the month of April we recognize the contribution made by the children of American service members, April is the Month of the Military Child. Military children don’t choose a life filled with deployments, reintegration, and frequent moves. We think of our military kids as strong, independent, and resilient individuals. But still, as parents, we worry that the life is taking a toll on them.

Curious as to how THEY feel about this crazy, wonderful thing we call military life, I asked some military kiddos to answer a simple question: “How do you feel about being a military kid?” Some of these answers? Wow. These military “kids” ranged in age from 2 – 26, and even the adults had something to say about their life with a parent serving this nation. We encourage you to ask the military kids in your life the same question; their answers just might surprise you!

Check out Military Kid’s Life: the Bright Side!

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