Looking Outward Together

A Call To Love

He was a shiny new Lieutenant at his first assignment, fresh out of Ranger school and a recent West Point graduate. She had just finished her masters and moved back home to begin her life as a teacher. Lisa and Jake met, dated, and fell in love.

But, just a few months into dating, Jake deployed to Afghanistan. Lisa stayed busy with teaching and odd jobs while he was gone. Four months into his deployment while on patrol, Jake stepped on an IED.

“As a girlfriend, you don’t get the call.” Lisa stated. The phone call came from Jake’s parents.  She was driving home and had to pull over. His mother relayed the news that Jake was in critical condition, had lost both legs and it didn’t look good at all.  She pulled over, shaking, trying to comprehend what this meant. The phone rings again, but this time it’s Jake on the other end.

“Hi, it’s me.”  Jake said. Lisa was shocked by his voice. She recalls Jake being very matter-of-fact, even showing hopefulness when recounting his condition. She remembers him saying, “…I lost my foot, but the doctors are trying to save my other leg. I’m in Germany. I’m going to be ok.”

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