Military Spouse Wellness Summit: A week-long, online event that will impact your life and marriage

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InDependent is an incredible organization who is here solely to help you become a better you. Join them this week to refocus your mind, body, and soul.

From your hosts at InDependent: “For the longest time these issues seemed bigger than us, and were deemed someone else’s problem to solve. We realized that if we wanted to see real change, we had to take matters into our own hands.”

Learn more about each day’s topic and our speakers:

Day 1: To Honor and Cherish, I Do – Sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance

Your Military Marriage is Worth Fighting For

Taya Kyle, U.S. Navy veteran spouse and founder of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, shares her touching story of love, loss, and finding happiness again after losing her husband, a Navy SEAL. She shares an eye-opening perspective on how she and Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, fought for their marriage during tough times and ways she has learned the importance of self-care.

How to Set a Foundation for Love that Lasts

with Dr. Les Parrott | Les and Leslie

Dr. Les Parrott, a clinical psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author talks through the foundational principles that every marriage needs to address to be healthy. He is the creator of a successful program for engaged couples and newlyweds. Also, Dr. Parrott and his wife, Leslie, have gone on to write many books and assessments that help couples take their relationships to a deeper level.


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Day 2: In Sickness and Health, I Do – Sponsored by Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

The Real-World Pursuit of a Healthier You

with El Brown | Snapback! with El Brown

El Brown, military spouse and founder of SnapBack! with El Brown, shares her inspiring story of weight loss and finding a balance to becoming the healthiest version of herself. After years of struggling with weight gain, El decided it was time to lose the weight and take back her life. She shares tips on finding balance in nutrition while reaching her goals and how this impacted her family’s health and well-being.

What Military Spouses Ought to Know About Being a Caregiver

with Dr. Ingrid Yee | Military Spouse Behavioral Health Consultants

Ingrid Yee, a National Guard spouse and research psychologist, shares her wisdom on the importance of taking care of yourself in the midst of caring for others. Many military spouses are caregivers to their service members who come home from war with visible and invisible wounds. This interview will inspire spouses to find new ways of investing in themselves so they can better serve their marriages and families.

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Day 3: For Richer or Poorer, I Do – Sponsored by Association of the United States Army 

How to Make This Life Right Here, Right Now Work for You

with Lakesha Cole | Milspouseprenuer

Lakesha Cole, military spouse and founder of She Swank Too, started her business when she found herself in the shoes of so many military spouses — struggling to find a job. With support from her husband, she built a successful business that now serves customers in all 50 states and four countries. During this interview, Lakesha offers encouragement for military spouses who are considering opening a business, those who are building on an existing one, as well as those who are ready to move to the next level of success.

The Intentional Approach to Family Finance — Even When Money’s Tight

with Bill Lockard | 227 Financial Counseling
Bill Lockard, a retired soldier, realized during one of his deployments that living paycheck to paycheck was not going to get his family where he wanted it to be financially. Now as a financial coach, he helps couples set new financial goals and live a life free of financial debt and worries. In this inspiring interview, Bill will give insights and tips on how you can get control of your budget and reach your personal and career goals without going into debt. The military lifestyle can be full of surprises, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.
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Day 4: To Have and To Hold, I Do – Sponsored by NextGen MilSpouse

Building an Intimate Marriage *Mature Audiences Only*

with Dr. Michael R. Sytsma | Building Intimate Marriages

Dr. Michael Sytsma, certified sex therapist, sees many couples who struggle with intimacy and is well known for his work with couples who are in affair recovery. In this interview, he offers a candid discussion on how to build intimacy in marriage.

How to Set Boundaries and Still Feel the Love

with Dr. John Townsend | Leadership Beyond Reason

Dr. John Townsend, clinical psychologist and best-selling author of The Boundaries Series and The Entitlement Cure, has revolutionized marriages and relationships. Well known for his content on building relationships, Dr. Townsend shares how to have and set healthy boundaries in marriage. Saying no or asking for change can be difficult when the military lifestyle influences how much time you have together. Dr. Townsend will help spouses identify what they are responsible for in the relationship, how to ask for tough things, and managing with those who struggle with entitlement.

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Day 5: In the Presence of Family and Friends, I Do – Sponsored by Dove

Finding Balance in the Modern Family

with Lauren Tamm | The Military Wife and Mom

Lauren Tamm, the founder of The Military Wife and Mom, has figured out how to balance the craziness of parenting, work, and marriage. Her innovative blog has captured the attention of thousands of readers who are looking for tips on creating a routine in the household and finding time for their marriage. This interview will validate your experience, provide communication tips for your marriage and children, and encourage your own calling in the midst of it all.

The Proven Method Military Spouses are Using to Make Friends

with Shasta Nelson |

Shasta Nelson, M.Div., founder of, and author of Frientimacy, is a spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships. In this interview she shares tips on how to begin healthy, positive relationships, how to handle toxic friendships and signs of a healthy friendship, and how to build depth in those relationships aka “friendtimacy”. Her fun and insightful knowledge will help you create and maintain friendships no matter how many times you move!

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