9 Disney Songs for Moms to Randomly SING/SCREAM That Fit Our Parenting Moments

FACE IT…If you’re a parent, you know more Disney songs than you care to admit! And whether or not you’ve actually SEEN the movies yourself, you’ve definitely heard them in your car, walking through the house while your kids watch, or heard them singing the songs on repeat. If you’re anything like me, you already knew a slew of Disney jams BEFORE parenthood. I bet you’re humming your favorite tune right now 😉

Let’s put those songs to some good use!

I’ve literally had parenting moments where I wanted to belt out a Disney song to communicate how I was feeling. Here’s a list of them so you can sing it out too.

**Disclaimer: The kids may look at you like you’re crazy, but it’s better than holding it in or turning into the dragon parent because you just want to scream.**

1. “MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU” – Mulan

Yep! This goes for girls too. Every kid does it at some point. Falls, looks for an audience, then let’s out that anticipated WAIL! Oh, you’ll be fine. Man up!

2. “FRIEND LIKE ME” – Aladdin

So they’re pouting right? Then you hear those famous words, “I’m not going to be your friend anymore.” Like that’s just gonna crush your world! Um, do they NOT know that we’re the BEST friends they’ll EVER have?! Aladdin is a throwback for these kids nowadays, but by the time you’re done singing (and dancing to it) they’ll know this song too!

3. “I WANNA BE LIKE YOU” – The Jungle Book

This is a cute spin on Simon Says. Play and/or sing the song while taking turns mimicking your child’s movements and having them copy yours. Cute and FUN!

4. POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL – The Little Mermaid

Kids are entitled to make choices. And there are rewards or consequences. Consequences can be timeout, loss of privileges etc…and if they are getting THESE consequences, then they already knew better. Get it? Good.


This is that ‘pat yourself on the back’ moment! When you’ve gone beast mode with executing that perfect birthday party that you were stressing over. You even feel this way at the end of EVERY day when your spouse walks through the door and everybody is still alive and fed!


Do you remember it? That FIRST time that you got to do something that you haven’t done in a LOOOONG time? A girls’ night, a date with your mate, or a doggone full night of sleep! Yep, wake up and sing it out!

7. HAKUNA MATATA – The Lion King

Mmhm, this is how you punch “stress” in the face! Routines are awesome, but there’s this thing called life that happens to poop over all of your plans some days. It sucks, but it’s the TRUTH. No worries love!

8. LET IT GO – Frozen

STOP. THE. WHINING. PHUUULEASE! My kids fight over which color spoon they will get. They whine about their sibling touching them. They throw a fit if they wanted to be the first one to climb in the van. You name it, I’m sure they have or could find a reason to whine about it! LET IT GO! Try singing this one, maybe they’ll even start singing along. WIN!


We love those little boogers! I’ll leave it at that, just listen to this song again and try not to cry.

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