Staying Organized when the Kids Outnumber You!

This family of six is not the most organized but we do try our best to prevent last minute screaming sessions, hunts for lost items, multiple piles of homework, same time game day conflicts and the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question. Here a just a few ways our family tries to stay “somewhat” organized:

LAUNDRY– Four kids and two adults makes for A LOT of laundry, add sports uniforms and a husband who wears scrubs to the pile and it can quickly over take your life. One way we keep the laundry in order is by having a basket for whites, colors and darks already set up.  That way there is no sorting just a quick grab of the basket and into the washing machine. Everyone has their own basket that clean clothes go into and we ALL put our laundry away when the baskets start to fill up!



  1. We stopped buying gender specific gear.  With two little girls I thought pink bats and gloves were so cute.  Then it happened, we had a boy!  So instead of using his sister’s equipment we had to go out and buy all new. Oh and then we had another girl! With all four children playing sports, equipment cost adds up quickly.
  2. Each child has a small basket in their closet, in that basket goes their uniform for the sport they are currently playing or the leotard for dance.  For instance if it is soccer season as soon as shorts, socks and shirt are washed they all go in the basket and join the shin guards that should be placed in there after use unless they were getting washed too.

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