Now MilSpouses Get the Advantage of Life Insurance

You know exactly what your family needs, so of course it can be frustrating not to have control over a situation, especially when it involves protecting your family’s wellbeing. Buying an adequate amount of affordable life insurance for yourself, for example, is one of those factors that you, as a military spouse, need the power to do.

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While the last thing you want to think about is your death, it is one of the first scenarios you should plan for. You need to have a strategy in place to guarantee the well-being of your survivors. Life insurance policies establish the foundation for this type of security. Having access to these financial resources is crucial in securing the vision you have for your future, and the kind of life both you and your spouse have worked hard to provide for your family.

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AAFMAA started nearly 140 years ago with a critical objective: to empower the courageous and selfless military families with affordable financial solutions. This not-for-profit association’s enduring legacy began by providing affordable life insurance so that military families would always have financial security and independence, no matter how life turned out.

Until recently, our membership consisted exclusively of current servicemembers, military retirees and honorably discharged veterans. Direct access to AAFMAA, and thus the ability to purchase crucial life insurance policies – the building blocks for financial security – was limited to the AAFMAA member. Active duty military members and veterans could set up life insurance policies for their spouses, children and grandchildren; however, spouses themselves could not purchase their own coverage and ensure their family’s financial security.

In the fall of 2016, AAFMAA proudly announced the launch of the Spouse Purchase Initiative (SPI), allowing military spouses to directly buy affordable life insurance for themselves and their children.

An example of AAFMAA’s affordability is our Level Term I policy, which costs 34 percent less than SGLI, government-provided insurance that your spouse likely already has, and offers the exact same coverage (or more).

In many cases, less than $10 a month can provide the kind of protection your family needs to safeguard its financial future.

AAFMAA’s SPI will multiply the number of military families that receive the financial security that only life insurance can deliver. By effectively removing roadblocks to AAFMAA, more military families can maximize their quality of life in the present, instead of worrying about a lifetime of potential worst-case scenarios.

Take advantage of all of life’s opportunities and enjoy every second with your family knowing AAFMAA has you covered. Spouses across the Armed Forces Community — Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Veterans and Retirees from every branch — should contact AAFMAA for this empowerment. Visit our website today to learn more about what AAFMAA can do for your family.

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