Attention Newlyweds!

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Life Insurance is Critical for Protecting your Financial Future

Remember the time it took preparing for your wedding? From the location to the seating arrangements, you budgeted and planned with all the military traditions in mind. And you have beautiful photos to remind you of that special day for a lifetime.

You dreamed and talked about your future as a couple, vowing to protect and love one another, “for better or for worse.” But how much time have you spent preparing for your financial future?

No one wants to think about the “for worse” part of the vows. But as a married couple, you two depend on each other. And as a military couple, you know not to take anything for granted. Are you really prepared if the “worst” happens?

That’s where life insurance comes in. It can help cover things like the mortgage, car payments, debts, funeral arrangements or expenses that might otherwise be crippling should one person be left responsible for it all on their own. Which is why USBA offers a special life insurance plan for married couples.

Double Value TWO for ONE® Group Level Term Life insurance provides the same amount of coverage to both spouses for one low monthly premium payment– not two! It’s a first-to-die plan that pays benefits to the surviving spouse, helping protect them financially should the unthinkable happen to one of you.

TWO for ONE® coverage is affordable and easy to apply for online. If you’re both in good health, you may even be eligible for a Preferred premium rate. Want to know more or talk with someone about how much coverage is right for you? Call one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists at 877-221-6841 and they’ll help assess your needs today. Or find out more about the features of this plan here.

Established in 1959, nonprofit USBA has been offering affordable life insurance exclusively for current and former military members and their families. They understand the unique challenges military couples like you face and are dedicated to serving those who serve.

USBA’s Group Life Insurance Plans are underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company… one of the oldest and strongest life insurance companies in America.


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