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As the holidays descend, three single women take a thoroughly modern approach to good

old-fashioned romance, and wonder if the best—and most complicated—gift of all is just a click, tap, or swipe away…


Like a Christmas miracle, the Build a Boyfriend App lets you simply input the stats of your dream man, and witty texts, passionate emails, and hot Instagram pics start flooding in. No more awkward questions or pitying looks as you face the holidays alone!


But even the best technology has its glitches. When real-life emotions come into play, this trio of

twenty-somethings find themselves in a tangle of crossed signals, flying wrapping paper, disastrous Christmas parties…and surprising kisses.


Yet despite the confusion of their mistletoe misadventures, when the New Year dawns, these very satisfied women just may find themselves waking up with true love beside them.

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