Surprise Loved Ones with Messages Sent into the Future



With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat billions of messages are sent out daily. With so many everyday communications, staying connected can result in feelings of being disconnected. How many times a day do you need, random rants, inspirational quotes, pictures of dinner, common complaints, status updates, or self discovery quizzes?


TextinaBottle is the only website and app that takes your lasting memories and makes them everlasting. Pick your important day, picture, video or thought, put it in a TextBottle, then set delivery to friends and family for 1 day to 20 yrs in the future. A countdown clock is started, and the message can’t be read until it reaches zero. It’s simple to use, it leaves a lasting impression, and it’s free.

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Start Now:

  • Create a TextBottle using pics, videos, or just text
  • Choose a delivery date 1 day to 20 years in the future
  • Send it to family, friends, or even yourself
  • Attach a gift card, news of the day, or a link

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1. Your message is blurred to ensure secrecy and sent with a countdown clock. It can’t be read until the countdown clock reaches zero.  

2. Don’t worry if there is a change in address, a change in messaging, or even a change in heart. We have you covered with a dashboard that allows you to easily edit and manage your TextBottles.

3. If you like reading posts or making posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, you will really enjoy the Public TextBottles that appear on a ticker tape on the bottom of the site.

Stop time with 1 click.


All military spouses get a


  • Go to
  • Create a TextBottle
  • Fill out the 15 question survey
  • This offer is good until Nov. 27th

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