One Brow Size Doesn’t Fit All: Find Your Look

Eyebrows are the biggest trend in beauty right now. A brief internet search yields countless results for mimic-worthy wins and epic fails as people around the world share their brow preferences and practices. What about the basics? Is there still such a thing for a topic that has become so complicated? Yes, and you have found your ultimate guide to prepare you to look your best for summer! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty about your brow grooming habits, waxing vs. threading and secrets professionals don’t want you to know.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ brow look.

Your eyebrows are determined by the shape of your face. Do not be afraid to talk to your brow stylist about the look you want and what may be the most appealing brow to best define your face. What brow look is right for your face?

1) Oval Face

You can enjoy the benefits of most brow shapes. An evenly balanced and groomed brow is ideal, but subtle arch is nothing to shy away from for this particular face shape.

2) Square Face

Your face boasts many alluring angles, so you may not want to overdo it by adding even more defined angles with your brow. Go soft with a nicely rounded brow. This will keep all of your face’s features appealing to your onlookers.

3) Round Face

You can play with a nice high arch to help define the features of your face. Be bold! Few faces have this luxury, so take advantage of the full high-arch and wear it well.

4) Heart-shape face

You want your brows to define your delicate jawline. Play with a well-defined arch, but make sure not to go too thin. Fuller brows are actually your best friend. Focus on keeping them well groomed, but not over tweezed.

5) Elongated Face

You enjoy elongated features that add great characteristics to your face. Instead of opting for a high arch, go for a subtle brow that extends long rather than high. Be sure not to extend farther than the corner of your eye. This will maintain balance for your facial features.

Threading or waxing?

This is a personal preference. Many believe threading lasts longer than waxing, but that is not necessarily the case. Both methods remove hair from the root, which leaves regrowth completely up to your body’s natural process. If your hair is prone to growing slowly, then it will grow slowly regardless of whether you wax or thread. Threading allows your stylist to be more precise when shaping your brow. The thread can get tiny hairs without disturbing your shape, something that may be difficult when waxing. The precision from threading allows you to enjoy your brow’s shape longer with less frequent visits to your brow salon.