5 Reasons I Hate Halloween

My very favorite day of the year is November 1st.  That is the day when we can finally put all of this Halloween nonsense behind us for another year. Yes, I hear that collective “What?!” by readers who are baffled that I don’t love the fun-loving time of year where people dress-up, enjoy a  good scare, and indulge in buckets full of candy. I know. Lots of people just adore Halloween. I am definitely in the minority on this topic. My objections to the day are not based on any kind of religious belief, and I don’t consider myself to be a “fun sponge” as my husband and pre-teen have been known to lovingly call me this time of year… I just have never gotten into it. Sure, I enjoyed dressing up and getting free candy as a kid…who in the world didn’t? But my disdain for the holiday seems to grow with every passing year of adulthood.  Perhaps because I am stubborn and people keep telling me to relax and just loosen up, that it can be lots of fun. Well, I don’t want to relax or loosen up and prefer to be the Scrooge of Halloween. We can’t all love everything, right? You know me I will be honest with you. I have written “Why I Hate Military Life” and “I Apologize, It’s Okay to Hate Your Duty Station”… so I felt it only appropriate to write this one. Here we go fellow Scary Scrooges…

5 Reasons I HATE Halloween

5) Pinterest

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As if we all don’t have to pretend to be Martha Stewart for every other holiday of the year… Halloween is just another reminder that we don’t have time to make every single occasion of our children’s lives picturesque. From decorating every nook and cranny of your house to crafting a genius costume out of all the plastic tubs in your pantry, to tips on how to apply your make-up so it appears that your face has been half devoured by a grizzly bear… it is all too much for me. We just go to the store, buy a costume, and I hang the “Boo” sign on my front door. I choose to spend my time doing other frivolous things like showering and sleeping. Besides, this time of year it is hard for me to look at that website. There are only so many cupcakes decorated as brains and hotdogs with noodle worms spewing from them I can stomach. I much prefer to start seeing the yummy Thanksgiving recipes and will even forgive all the posts about that creepy Elf that start showing up on my feed in a few weeks.

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