6 Things To Give To Others During the Holidays

1. Give your TALENT

Can you sing, play an instrument, juggle, make really great art or anything cool that someone would enjoy? Give that!
When I was a kid my parents would take us to the nursing homes and we would sing Christmas carols for the elderly. We loved it (mostly because we enjoyed singing), but even more so…THEY loved it!

2. Give your TIME

Stop moving so fast being concerned with getting to the stores to buy a bunch of gifts, and give time and attention to someone! Here’s a few ideas for gifting your time:

  • Serve at soup kitchen
  • Volunteer at an orphanage to play with the kids or read a story. It’s priceless and goes such a long way!
  • Your time could even be given to helping out a charity.

3. Give your MONEY

There are many ways to give financially. This one’s pretty easy in that you don’t have to pack something up to take somewhere. But it can be hard trying to decide which charity to support. Here’s a couple that you can look into.

4. Give your FOOD

Clean out your pantry just like you’re clean your closet. Take this opportunity to donate canned goods, boxes of noodles, and other items that haven’t expired, but are unused. Here is a list of acceptable items to donate and how to find a food bank near you.

5. Give your STUFF

Purging feels great! Pull out some of the clutter of things that you don’t really need or use that much. It could be toys, clothes, shoes, or even pieces of furniture. Gift it to someone who needs it. And yes, I know it’s easy to throw things in a garbage bag and take it to Goodwill. But try and take a few extra minutes to research an organization in your local area that will give it freely to people or families in need.


Have you ever noticed how people tend to lean more to being kind during the holiday season? You’re more prone to letting someone over in traffic, or being patient with the person who takes EXTRA long in the check out line. You smile a little more or hold the door longer for someone walking up. You may actually give that homeless person a dollar or some food you have on you at the time.

Peace on Earth, Good will toward men
Christmas is not just an event or a physical item. Give someone the spirit of Christmas, which is kindness and love. Don’t stop, keep this going all year long!

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