Elf On A Shelf: Military Family Style

By now most everyone with children knows about The Elf on the Shelf, a scout sent to report back to Santa every night on the behavior of the household. The elf magically appears one night to a family and reports back nightly to the North Pole. Every morning the elf returns to its family and picks a new spot to watch the day’s adventures. Children awake in search of the family elf: where could the elf be and what mischief did the elf get into?

Simple Rule of Elf on a Shelf:

1. An elf cannot be touched; if an elf is touched they may lose their magic and be unable to report back to Santa.

2. An elf cannot speak or move while anyone in the house is awake, they are there just to watch and listen.

But what if we add a special twist?Elf #3


Military Style! 

Military families around the world take to the worldwide web to post photos and stories about their family’s Elf on a Shelf.  Last year Facebook and Pinterest were flooded with great photos of military themed elf adventures.  As military families we have some “exclusive” supplies that our elves seem to enjoy toying with.

  1. 550 Cord- Many military family elves can be seen zip lining through homes around the world, or tying up their enemies.
  2. MRE’s- Elves will eat anything so when they are hungry a few have been know to rip open an MRE or two (only ones with Tabasco).
  3. Combat Boots- Every service member has them and if your elf knows where to find them they will use them as cover.
  4. ACU/BDU/NWU/ABU or Digi’s which ever your family has, it seems elves love CAMO!
  5. Rucksack/Seabag/Footlocker- Our garages and storage areas are filled with them and when elves are seeking a good hiding spot they seem to become stowaways with the gear.
  6. Carabiner- Can be used in too many ways to mention
  7. CAT (Combat Action Tourniquet)- Elves like to play medic with Barbie and other friends.
  8. Military ID- If you can’t seem to find it you elf probably has it!
  9. Dog Tags- Elves find comfort in the jingle of the tags, it reminds them of home.
  10. 10. A Christmas Decoration with a moving sticker on it- Just when you thought you had removed them all, your elf is sure to find the Holiday Decoration that still has a moving sticker on it, just a reminder that elves are always watching!  

We caught some military family elves in action.  Check out the photos.

Elf #4


Elf #5

Elf #2



Elf #7On


On December 24th, all the elves will be making their last flight back to the North Pole until next year.  Remember the elves are always watching because they have to keep an eye on where to find their military families next year …and we all know that might be in a different state or country!

Elf #6

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