Six Ways to Stay Sane on Your Road Trip this Holiday Season

Six Ways to Stay Sane on Your Road Trip this Holiday Season

For military families the holiday season usually means travel in one form or another.  Since we rarely live in the same community as our family, holidays mean road trips! Turn your rolling confinement to a car into an adventure using more than the standard DVD’s and video games.

We have six cool tips and tricks to survive the family holiday travels.

1.  Your Smartphone will be your best friend.   In a world of apps, travel apps are extremely creative and useful.  Below are a few great innovative new apps to help you navigate your travels and make a few memories along the way.

  • TVFood Map app – This little gem allows you to the hot spots of your favorite TV chefs. From Bobby Flay to Anthony Bourbain, the app finds the best of eateries featured on television.  Don’t hit the drive thru, make it a food adventure, too!
  • Waze app – This app provides real-time intelligence and alerts on speed traps, traffic tie-ups, road hazards, cars stuck in the road or a snowstorm ahead.  It pulls from a very active community of drivers with up to date data.
  • Field Trip app – This app runs in the background on your smartphone.  A card pops up with information when you are near local attractions.  You can edit your interests like historical sites, parks or my favorite – the world largest wine bottle.
  • License Plate Game app – This is a new twist on an old game.  This app allows you to search for license plates from each US state and will keep track of the states you’ve found and the ones remaining right on your phone.  Use it throughout the trip!
  • Candy Crush Saga app – This little addictive piece of technology will keep you occupied (or tuned out) for hours.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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