15 Do’s and Don’ts GIFs for the New Military Spouse

15 Do's and Don'ts GIFs for the New Military Spouse

1. Lean on other spouses.

new military spouse

It can be hard to find civilians who understand what spouses go through when your servicemember is deployed and you are barely getting to talk to him or her. Military spouses understand the day to day struggles of military families. Lean on each other when times get hard and deployments will get easier.

2. Keep a positive attitude.

new military spouse

A military life is what you make of it. If you complain about your base and your duty station the entire time you will hate it and everyone there. If you embrace the moment and go on as many adventures as possible you will grow to appreciate the base. Remember positive attitudes attract other positive attitudes.

3. Support your spouse.

new military spouse

A successful marriage is a constant support team between you and your spouse. Constantly supporting each other not only in a professional setting but in an emotional and intellectual setting. There will be times that your spouse is feeling insecure or upset with work, and you have to be there to help pick them up and remind them why they fell in love with their job in the first place. Always be your spouse’s biggest cheerleader.

4. Be flexible.

new military spouse

Being in a military relationship, things can change at a moments notice. Go with the flow and never plan anything too far in advance. Deployment dates could change; you could get orders to PCS at any point. Be willing to have your life change at any point and again remain as positive as possible.