Gobble Up Thanksgiving Learning!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It is a time rich with traditions – even for those of us stationed thousands of miles from home! It is also a period flooded with fun opportunities for learning! Whether you are looking for material for your Thanksgiving-themed unit study or simply for activities to keep young ones occupied while the turkey is cooking – we have you covered!

Back in Time

The historical aspect of Thanksgiving is naturally worthy of attention. Focus on the significance driving the Pilgrims to leave behind family, friends and all they held dear in favor of a new world filled with unknowns. Children using Time4Learning will find lessons on early Colonial America within their social studies or U.S. history course.

Older students may appreciate centering their attention on Native American studies. LetsHomeschoolHighSchool.com has compiled a study guide with a wealth of resources to learn more of indigenous American people.

In the Kitchen!

For many of us, Thanksgiving presents an opportunity to display those culinary skills (or lack thereof) which made Grandma famous! Whether you’re trying to double Great Aunt Annie’s recipe for a crowd or cut it down to feed only your crew, children will be able to use their finest math skills  – cooking up scrumptious dishes for a feast!

With all the measuring taking place, you may discover extra math practice is in order. LearningGamesForKids.com offers a huge selection of Math Games such as these covering fractions!    

Keeping “I’m Bored” away!

With all the holiday prep work, cleaning, cooking, etc. going on – children are bound to feel a bit left out. Prepare in advance by selecting a favorite Thanksgiving-themed word list and then print out your own word search, crossword puzzle or other game to help keep them entertained.

HomeschoolLiterature.com also has assembled a number of craft activities, themed book suggestions and more – RIPE for the pickin’!

S.T.E.M. Action    

At first glance, science and Thanksgiving may seem a bit far-fetched, but the reality is they are super connected! First, consider the ‘ingredients’ needed to bring a seed to harvest with a study of plant life! Your child may also be fascinated with the stages of matter, particularly combined with different forms of heat energy – transforming the inedible to yum-on-a-plate!  

Plus don’t forget about the need for motion, (a.k.a. the family football game or walk around the neighborhood), to burn off calories for adults and energy for the kids… soon followed by a state of REST! HA!

But wait… there’s more!

Without sounding like a late night TV infomercial, finally, remember some of the most valuable lessons come directly from your own family unit! This Thanksgiving season, reminisce and share the stories of your family history.  What traditions will YOU be teaching this year?