Let Nature Renew Your Homeschool Spirit This Fall

You know that excitement you feel when you start something new, but then after a few weeks it doesn’t feel the same anymore? It’s happened to me more than I care to admit.

It catches me off guard each time. The kids and I are gung-ho for the new homeschool year! New curricula, ready to get out of the summer “I’m boooooorrred” syndrome and eager to learn. Heck, I’m eager to teach! I’ve got PLANS. SCHEDULES. ORDER. As a military family, we are all about order!

And then… (Gosh does there always have to be a “but…”) – I don’t know what happens. The new seems to wear quickly. That Level 10 enthusiasm has waned to about a Level 3. It’s only been weeks of this ‘active duty’ assignment in the new school year. What the heck!? Are weeks of school measured in dog years?

It seems the ‘new’ was exchanged for a r-o-u-t-i-n-e.  It appears we’re recognizing the amount of work going in to each. and. every. day. You know the drill. Some call it LIFE. Now mix in any level of frustration or angst – whether learning a new subject or misdirected due to missing a deployed parent, old friends… or HOME. (Wait – am I talking about the kids or ME? *sigh*)

Whatever. The positive, happy attitude went AWOL already. I’ve got a household filling up with brain cobwebs. We’re in need of R&R (in this case “Recharge” & “Reboot” would do the trick!)

Granted, it could be the pull of what I refer to as my “Goldilocks’ season” – not too hot; not too cold… just RIGHT! We’re so there!

With autumn upon us, take this opportunity to renew your spirit as well as your child’s by making nature your classroom. When you homeschool with Time4Learning, you have even more flexibility to learn about what you want anywhere you’d like. Here are some fall-inspired ideas:

  • Take advantage of this pleasant time of year by learning about the habitats and ecosystems in the area you’re stationed. What changes are you observing? Which plants and animals are you seeing more or less of? Extra credit: Compare to a previous PDS or what you may find ‘back home’!
  • Study plant life and learn about the parts and structure, as well as the vascular system, photosynthesis and the effect chlorophyll has on the color of leaves.
  • Time to go old school! Ditch the GPS and learn how to use a compass on your next hike. Invented by the Chinese, the compass has been utilized by military and travelers for thousands of years! Try taking a bearing and setting a course with or without a map.

Time4Learning includes detailed lesson plans to help you easily find whatever topic you want to focus on. Students are also free to hone in on specific areas of study or follow the suggested sequence. Printable worksheets are available to bring along on your outdoor adventure.

Freshen up your fall homeschool experience. Create a custom-fit curriculum, enjoy lesson planning with a click and find students engaged wherever you are! Sign up for Time4Learning today.

…and then join me and the kids! We’ll be the ones jumping in the pile of leaves – embracing nature as an invigorating learning experience. (HA! Admit it! We’ll see ya there!)

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