How to Combat Hitting the ‘Homeschooling Wall’

I’m ready to go AWOL.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened. The paper thin walls of base housing seemed to vibrate with the whining – mine… not the kids! How did homeschooling become such a – drag??

Seriously. I chose this journey. We bought curriculum which we diligently cracked open each morning. We made progress too! I loved seeing the ‘light bulb’ moments and felt pride in helping the kids make those connections.

But then… not so much. I had to separate the girls as the snippy-attitudes back and forth was draining. I listened to other homeschool moms share their family’s peppy accomplishments of the week. Trust me, the drives home were less than pleasant as I repeatedly left our ‘support’ group angry and frustrated – feeling like a homeschool poophead (my daughter’s term – Yes, I know. Another failure in my parenting book… but it fit along with some other adult words!)

Now with more years of hindsight and experience at hitting this same homeschooling ‘wall’ I have at least learned to recognize our primary triggers. It likely is a combination of things:

  • An almost desperate eagerness to get outside after a long, dreary winter
  • Kids bored with the ‘same ole, same ole‘ – books, routine, etc.
  • Mom fed UP with fielding nonstop – (I swear I hear them in my sleep!) complaints of kids being bored.

Ideas to Combat or Hurdle the WALL

Shake it Up!

  1. Change up the curriculum… or at least mix in an alternative learning method. If you’re using more traditional textbooks or workbooks – try phasing in some online learning or tackle a unit study together for a few weeks.
  2. Change up your weekly schedule. Maybe move to a four-day week – leaving one day open for trips to the library, zoo, museum, etc.
  3. Change up your daily routine. Perhaps dedicating part of each day to ‘fun-schooling’ will encourage kids to stay focused and allow all of you to lighten up! Introduce educational shows to bring history to life. Host ‘math class’ in the kitchen – whipping up recipes (messier seems to be preferred.) Snuggle up and read aloud a chapter book no matter the ages. Head outside and put a scientific nature study on the agenda!

Ultimately, forcing a shift –even seemingly insignificant – will have a positive impact.

Look back to move forward!

Before tossing in the (homeschooling) towel – or the kids for that matter! – take a walk down memory lane.

  • Spend some time reviewing your curriculum choices. What did you like? What worked this year? What torpedoed? If your kids are old enough and willing to be objectionable – ask their opinions.
  • Remind yourself why you began homeschooling? If you don’t have a list – create one!
  • Call out your kids to think of all the things you can do as homeschoolers that kids in brick and mortar schools cannot. Celebrate those opportunities!

Ultimately remember you’re in control. Take a vacation week (schools certainly do!) to break things up. ALL of you deserve a chance to recharge and will be ‘reporting for duty‘ HAPPILY in no time!


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