Featured Military Spouse Friendly Employer: Amazon

Military Talent Recruiting… WE WANT YOU!

Many military veterans are excelling in a variety of careers across Amazon, as we value veterans and the unique experiences and capabilities they bring to the table. “We actively seek leaders who can invent, think big, have a bias for action, and deliver results on behalf of our customers,” says CEO Jeff Bezos, alluding to Amazon’s leadership principles. “These principles look very familiar to men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, and we find that their experience leading people is invaluable in our fast-paced work environment. We want you to help share and shape our mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

Amazon’s evolution from website to e-commerce partner to development platform is driven by the spirit of invention that is part of Amazon’s DNA. It’s what we do, every day – and the good news is that we’ve only just begun. So, what’s next? Join us, and you’ll not only see the future, you’ll create it.


Military Spouse Friendly Benefits of Amazon:

Military Spouse Friendly Employer Ranking 2013      #9
Benefits   job relocation assistance for spouses,  military spouse relocation policy,  part-time employment for spouse employees during deployment 
Job Security   same position availability upon return
Recruiting   employs a full-time worker that spends at least half of their time recruiting veterans/spouses,



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