How MLKJ’s Words 54 Years Ago Are Vital for Our Own Military Life Today

“I have a dream that one day….”

These iconic words immediately make people think about one of the greatest leaders during the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr will forever be a part of American history as a social activist that promoted equality for all in a peaceful manner.

He spent his life trying to help a nation embrace the uniqueness of its population and celebrate the differences of those that lived within every community. His beliefs that every person brings to the table something worthwhile is a notion that can easily be carried over into our military community. It is a belief that allows us to build each other up based on our strengths and support each other when we find a weakness in our neighbor.

It is a belief that encourages neighbors to take advantage of the experiences they have had being all over the world and help educate our peers on doors they have opening for them with every new PCS and deployment challenge that comes our way.

Our uniqueness, our personal strengths and our individual skill sets should bring us together as a stronger community rather than divide us. We will always be stronger when we work together than when we struggle on our own.