35 Things Military Spouses DO Say

35 Things Military Spouses DO Say

So you read our piece, 35 Things Military Spouses NEVER Say article, but what about a list of things military spouses DO say?!

Well, we aim to please. Our spouses put their heads together and had a blast creating a list we think you will love and share!

35 Things Military Spouses DO Say (And Say Often)

35) Hey, I don’t like her but she PCS’s next month.

34) I live on base…can you just let me through this ONCE?

33) I have an unhealthy relationship with my phone

32) I’ll believe the return date/time when he/she is standing in front of me.

31) Move over, let me change that tire!

30) My kids never cease to amaze me.

29) I got this!

28) I have 12 sets of curtains to fit whatever house we end up in next.

27) I hope this phone is steam proof…I may need to take it in the shower with me.

26) I can fit a cake in a mason jar, heck I could probably bake a cake in a test tube if needed.

25) I have, like, three Scentsy consultants.

24) I haven’t lived in my home of record state for years.

23) I multi-task so often that when I go to bed, I have three different dreams… at once!

22) Does anyone have any extra Sharpies, tape and custom forms?

21) I broke my webcam using Skype. And no, don’t ask.

20) Where are my coupons?

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