4 Reasons You SHOULD Live on Base

4) Safety. Yes, we know that bases are not always 100% secure and bad things can happen… but we all know it can be a lot safer, depending on where you live.

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For us, that was a big concern. Simply because when we moved here I was so unfamiliar with this part of the country and the area. I knew the schools would be right there on base. The neighborhoods are laid out on our base so that it is a very safe environment for kids to play and smaller children can be easily supervised.

Since we have moved here and are now comfortable, I would be fine living off base. But moving is stressful enough and there are many things to worry about. If moving on base when we arrived meant that was something I could check off the worry list, well then that was the right decision for us at the time.

There is a level of security on base that you may not have out in town. And that can be a big reason to move on base when it comes time for your next move.

Uprooting your family and moving to a new area will always mean lots of new decisions to be made. One of the big ones for the military family is living on base or off. These are the four reasons I have on my current pros list. Which reasons are on yours?

4 Reasons You Should NOT Live on Base

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