A Little Grace Through the Muck

Life is hard. Being an adult is hard. But we know hard. We know the down and dirty, muck and mess and barely making it out alive.

In this day and age, having comparisons and expectations of a perfect world do not make it any easier. How can we compare ourselves to the social media perfect when we may not have the same strengths or weaknesses, and they are showing the best face they want you to see? From the bright-eyed newlywed or significant other, to the seasoned spouse with kids out of the house and retirement approaching, we are each in a different stage of our lives.

I am in the season of little kids and a husband constantly deployed, where LEGOs underfoot are commonplace and cartoons are on re-run (I’m pretty sure I can recite all of them by heart). And more often than not, there is laundry, dishes and chores always ready to attack around the corner. Add on top of that my significant other being deployed. Forget it; this calls for survival mode.

You know what I’m talking about…where you question how you are going to make it through your day. When you ask yourself “What is the bare minimum that I need to accomplish today?” and then you are still questioning your sanity.

I don’t know about you, but I look around, and all I see are the moms or women who have it all put together — perfect hair, clean kitchen and not to mention they are volunteering to help those around them. Especially on the days that I am struggling to hold it together, I usually look to them and get down on myself that I don’t have it all together — that I am outnumbered, that I am the only one that can’t get dinner on the table, and feels constantly flustered.