We Don’t Have Children, But We Are Still A Family

My husband and I have been married for five years and he has been in the Army for three years. We are both in our very late twenties, have a dog named Toby and no children.

Children are definitely in our future, just not the immediate future, which sometimes baffles people.

It seems as though we ‘childless couples‘ seek out one another at events and immediately latch on. There is a sense of safety in numbers and we desperately cling to each other at FRG meetings and Hail & Farewells. As we huddle in the corner and swap stories of last minute trips to Paris and staying out past midnight, we suddenly don’t feel like the freaks of the community anymore. We are constantly reassuring one another that “Yes, it’s okay that you NEVER want kids” and, “No, your biological clock isn’t ticking.”

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